Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bird Survey at Washburn Park

On 4/24/15, the River Spies practiced their birding skills 
by surveying for birds at Washburn Park. 

The River Spies identified European Starlings and American Crows, 
spotted two Scrub Jays, saw a House Sparrow, and heard at least one 
Black-capped Chickadee and one Song Sparrow. 

We saw upwards of thirty birds flying overheard feeding, but could not make a positive identification. Our best guess was some type of swallow based on the body shape and size. Results from our bird survey were recorded on the eBird website:

When we returned to Edison, we refilled the garden feeder. 

Then each River Spy made a handcrafted bird feeder to take home. We used leftover (and cleaned) milk and juice containers from the Edison Elementary cafeteria as the main body of the feeder. Thank you Chef Ray and Stacey for the supplies! 

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