Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bird Survey in Amazon Park

Adding black sunflower seeds
to the bird feeder

Before heading off to Amazon Park on 4/17/15, the River Spies installed a bird feeder in the Edison Elementary garden. Over the next two months, we will be observing what bird species use the feeder and how quickly birds consume the black sunflower seeds.

The River Spies rest after the trek to Amazon Park

Barbara Gleason shows the River Spies
how to use binoculars
At Amazon Park (at the intersection of 24th Avenue and Amazon Parkway), we met up with Barbara Gleason, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited (2510 Willamette Street in Eugene). Barbara brought a handful of binoculars and gave the River Spies a lesson on how to use these handy birding tools.

Barbara then accompanied us on our bird survey at Amazon Park and helped the River Spies identify several species. The River Spies observed starlings and crows, spotted one Stellar's Jay, saw a Rufous Hummingbird going back and forth to the same cottonwood tree (nesting?), plus heard Black-capped Chickadees and Song Sparrows.

Recording bird observations
While some of the River Spies were absorbed in recording their observations, others could not resist the allure of rolling down the grassy embankment!
Results from our bird survey were recorded on the eBird website:

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