Monday, January 27, 2014

Water Quality Testing in Amazon Headwaters

On 1/21/14, the River Spies conducted water quality testing in the Amazon Headwaters near the Martin Street trail. 

Christopher collects a water sample.
Gabi and Eleanor with pH and dissolved oxygen tubes.
Levi and Jayling mix their pH and dissolved oxygen reagents.
We measured water temperature, pH, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen. The water temperature was 2°C with a turbidity reading of 40 JTU. The pH was 7.5 and the dissolved oxygen was 4ppm (29% saturated).

Rory and Christopher hold up the chart that we use to compare test results.
Andrew & Selwyn

Later, I entered our data on to the World Water Monitoring website:

For more information on preserving the Amazon Headwaters in Eugene, check out this link:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Surface Tension and Water Testing Techniques

Welcome to the Winter 2014 session of River Spies!
On 1/14/14, the River Spies witnessed the amazing power of water cohesion which results in gravity defying surface tensionWatch this video for the full demonstration:

Eleanor shows the before...
and after!
We also practiced testing water quality which we will do next week in the Amazon Creek Headwaters near Spencer Butte. The River Spies noted the temperature of water samples and converted Celsius to Fahrenheit. We explored the concept of turbidity with different substrates (soil vs. sand) and deduced that density determines how long material remains suspended in water.

Levi holds our substrate samples - freshly shaken. Soil is on the left. Sand is on the right.
We tested the school's tap water and measured dissolved oxygen and pH. We reviewed why these parameters are important to know when rating water quality.

The water quality test kit.