Monday, September 30, 2013

The Water Cycle, States of Matter, and Water Density

During our first meeting on 9/24/13 the Kinder River Spies used movement to simulate water molecules in different states of matter (solid, liquid, gas), modeled the water cycle, and discussed fresh water scarcity. We also took a brief tour around the perimeter of the schoolyard to locate sources of water and discuss the water's path.

The Kinder River Spies: Aarav, Maya, Elena, Sasha, and Fin
The kids seemed to most enjoy simulating the water cycle by passing and tossing balloons. The balloons represented water traveling through the water cycle: condensation, precipitation, accumulation, and evaporation. 

On the same day, the 1st/2nd Grade River Spies explored the concept of density. We played a guessing game "Will it Float?" using water balloons filled with warm and cold water. Later, the River Spies will expand this concept of density when we monitor water temperature at Amazon Creek. The group decided that this Fall they will focus on assessing water quality through aquatic macroinvertebrate surveys.

A portion of our 1st/2nd Grade group: Nora, Greta, Julia, Jayling, Jocelyn, Andre, and Lena
We also created vibrant density layers in a straw by varying the amount of salt added to colored water. Here's a video showing how to set up the salt water density straws if a River Spy would like to repeat the activity:

Monday, September 23, 2013

River Spies Fall 2013

Welcome Edison River Spies!

During this session, we will spy upon Eugene's watershed. We will investigate water quality along Amazon Creek, search for aquatic macroinvertebrates, and examine sources of stream pollution. We will also explore water cycles, properties of water, and watershed formation in several experiments and activities. The older age group will choose a citizen science action project focused on improving our local water sources.

A reminder that our first meeting for Kinder River Spies is Tuesday September 24th from 11:00am-12:30pm. We will be on Edison campus in Room #17 and around the school yard.

Our first meeting for 1st/2nd Grade River Spies is Tuesday September 24th from 2:45-4:15pm in Room #9 and around the campus.

Next week, weather permitting, we will be out in the field conducting some water quality testing. WE WILL GET WET & DIRTY. As a general habit, please have your River Spy wear clothes that can get muddy, comfortable shoes, and bring rain gear (jacket & boots) for field days.

Keep checking this blog for pictures, updates, and links. I am looking forward to reporting our young sleuths' discoveries!